Top things to know before traveling to Puerto Rico

In anticipation of a trip to Puerto Rico, these are the top things to know before traveling to Puerto Rico.

The first aspect to think about relates to the best time of year to fully appreciate the country and avoid weather problems. Before we get started, think about what you plan on doing. Do you plan on taking a tour and snorkeling in Puerto Rico?

The most pleasant months are those corresponding to our winter, more or less between December and April, when the climate is not excessively hot, but it is dry. You should avoid the season between June and November, which corresponds to the rainy season.

How much does it cost to go to Puerto Rico?

You should not think about Puerto Rico as a poor island and, therefore, a cheap place. For the flight, you may manage to choose between different options. But once you arrive, food and accommodation require a substantial outlay.

During the high season on typical vacation months, you will spend more.

In the islands, the availability of facilities is not as consistent as you might expect. In most cases, you better book a room well in advance before other tourists from the rest of the American continent do.

In the high season, a room in a bed and breakfast or hotel can cost no less than $ 100 a night. If you want to save money, you should reconsider the number of times you go eating out. For dinner, the price does not drop below $ 30 per person. Fortunately, there are no problems with withdrawals, and almost all credit cards are accepted.

Take the initiative

Before going to visit a tourist attraction, it is always worth making a confirmation call, especially to check that the location you desire to reach will accept you.

You should not rely too much on the websites. Some are not updated frequently. Finally, it is better to be ready to have a packed lunch: on the beaches of Culebra and Vieques there are no refreshment points, and consequently, you can not help but adapt to the food and water you brought with you.