Running With Your Dog

We all have a strong affinity for our dogs. Let’s face it, they’re basically family for us! But when we want to take them running, they don’t always behave. I made a quick guide to help you enjoy your dog more and while taking your dog.

Work up to the Run

Before you take your dog out for a 5 mile run take them on regular runs. They need to get conditioned for that kind of activity. I recommend you start by walking them for a few weeks before taking them out on any sort of run.

Optimize Their Comfort

To make sure they behave, keep them in a good mood. Make sure their dog collar fits on good. If it’s too tight it might promote discomfort. Also you might want to consider getting a dog ramp for your SUV or car since they might be extremely tired after the run.

Take plenty of water

“Dogs need just as much water as we do, so be sure to take enough water for the both of you.” mentioned my good friend┬áVal from Express Appliance Repair. We often go out for runs together and I couldn’t agree more. Dehydration can be a serious problem.

Well there you have it. A few quick tips to consider before you go out on a strenuous run with your dog. Hope you enjoyed it!