Quick Running Tips

What Type of Clothing To Wear

While wearing cotton while running won’t kill you or cause you any major bodily harm, you will be much more comfortable in clothing that is designed for sweating like a pig.  Clothing is one of the areas where people often drop some major bucks in the running world.

When starting out, you may want to buy a few running tops or sweat wicking t-shirts, some shorts/pants/capris to get started.  One great place to shop for work out clothes isTJ Maxx!  You will often find the same apparel that is in stores but for a cheaper price.

Comfort is essential, $100 black workout capris are optional.

My Favorite Watches

Again, much like clothing, watches tend to be another place where runners drop mega bucks!  For close to two years, I was perfectly fine running with a $5 watch from Wal-Mart.  I currently run with the Gamin Forerunner 205 watch and could not be happier with it! I am not a “techy” person, so I was quite resistant to invest in what I thought would be an overly complicated device.

The Garmin 205 is super user friendly!  As fancy GPS watches are concerned, my watch is mid-level price wise but provides me with a lot of important information on my runs. I am able to tell my average pace per minute, my total time running, my distance, and approximately how many calories I’ve burned.  If you are considering buying a running watch, you may find it much cheaper to shop online.  I bought mine new for $117 on Amazon.

Should You Wear Makeup?

When you finally finish that long awaited marathon, you jump to any photo occasion possible! I mean why wouldn’t you, you’ve been preparing for so long right?! But then you take a quick look in the mirror and realize that you don’t look so great after running a marathon. What do you do, well it’s too late to do anything honestly!

What you can do for your next marathon is to have a permanent makeup service to help you look good, with out having to wear any actual makeup. Sounds like a great fix right?! Well make sure you take proper precautions. It probably wouldn’t be a great idea to get permanent makeup the day before your marathon!

So there you have it, my quick list of running tips! Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂