Safe Running Tips

Be Safe

Please be aware of your surroundings!  I only mention this because I was the girl who decided to become a runner and a week later found myself running through the “hood” in East Baltimore at night.  Bad decision.  Here are a couple of tips to help ensure you stay safe while pounding the pavement:

  • Carry water, even on short runs and in cooler temperatures.  Staying hydrated is vital not only to your running, but to your long term health.  I am never without a water bottle! I keep one on me at all times!!
  • If you are going to run at night, make sure you invest a running light or reflective gear.  Both of these can be found at sporting good stores.
  • While music can be a great motivator, don’t be distracted by your iPod.  You need to make sure you are aware of traffic!
  • Carry an ID with you (especially on long runs and races).  This is extremely important if you would happen to have some type of medical emergency.  I suggest making a copy of your driver’s license, health insurance card, and listing a few emergency contacts.  You can fold it up and carry it in your pocket or race belt.
  • Consider mapping out your route before you take off on a run.  One good resource is Map My Run.  This site will also calculate your distance and even suggest other routes for you to try!
  • Always let someone know you are going running and how long you plan to be gone.
  • In general it is considered safest to run on the same side of the road as on coming traffic. Use your best judgement and be aware of “blind curves”.
  • Take precautions if you are experiencing back pain. For more back pain tips I highly recommend you take a look at Ease Back Pains.

Take Walk Breaks

When I first started running, I had this twisted perception that real runners don’t talk walk breaks.  Starting out, I always viewed my run or race as a failure if I needed to take a walk break.  After gaining some more experience I learned that virtually all runners take walk breaks at some point.  Added bonus to using the walk run method:  I truly believe that interval training is the #1 way to build your endurance and burn fat!